Lion Linda introduces Boy Scouts. They were a big help at Xmas tree Lot🎄

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Santa Cruz Host Lions Club


Cabinet Meeting Notes2-8-2020

Held at the Vista Center (formerly Santa Clara County Blind Center), San Jose

Attended by: Garry, Mari, Jeff

From our DG, our district has (merely as reported so far):
served 26,000 people
had 302 projects
spent 11,000 volunteer hours
donated $63,000
maintained 62 Lions and Leos club
 ...but with only listed activities

From our First Vice DG:
 If we always do what we have always done, we always get what we have always got.
 (Time to think about what we need to change to get BETTER)

Convention in May at Santa Maria:
 Let Garry or me know if you plan to attend – what days, what meals
 Make your own room reservations
 (We still plan to have our shrimp cocktails at Saturday Food Faire)

All of the following District-supported programs and events are worthy of your consideration:

Our District level Peace Poster Contest winner comes from Milpitas – yet again  
 And she also is going to be our MD-4 prize recipient (best in State)

We voted as a District to ask LCIF to provide matching grant for Sunnyvale Community Services
 after hearing a report on their plans to expand services to the County homeless

Diabetes Youth Foundation got great fund raising pitch from Los Gatos member Kevin Johnson,
 especially noting support for annual youth camp in the Sierra’s, to help kids who have 
 Type One Diabetes (a precursor to blindness) adapt and get support from their peers